Collection: The Vintage Pieces

Vintage jewelry from Knots and Pipes.

These pieces evoke memories of your mom getting ready to go out for dinner in 1993, or of the shoulder pad-clad, 1990's career woman. Each item brings a subtle statement to even the most minimalist wardrobe.

Since its inception, Knots and Pipes has repurposed vintage costume jewelry, taking apart pieces that have seen better days and utilizing the hardware and beads in the designs of K&P statement earrings. Through the process of sourcing these vintage materials, we have come across statement earrings, chains and bracelets in excellent condition, too gorgeous to dismantle. These pieces held their own and had obviously stood the test of time. Introducing Knots and Pipes Vintage Line. A collection of one-of-a-kind statement accessories not designed but sourced by Knots and Pipes. 

Adhering to our slow fashion mantra the earrings are refurbished and packaged in our 100-year-old garage-turned-studio in Hamilton, ON.