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Our Baroque Pearl Necklace, custom designed by Jillian Harris, was included in The Summer 2024 Jilly Box.

See some behind-the-scenes of the production process, from our 400 sqft garage here

Knots and Pipes was featured   in The Summer 2024 Jilly Box!!

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Establishing a business that prioritizes integrity and transparency throughout all stages of the design, production and fulfillment process was a non-negotiable for us. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of eco-conscious and ethical behaviour.

How do we “walk the talk,” so-to-speak?

From the recycled materials we incorporate into our designs, to our fully-female workforce and our Ontario Living Wage certification, we are committed to creating jewelry and providing accessible second-hand shopping skills that allow us all to become more conscientious consumers.

Our promise is to always put the best interest of our customers, our community and the planet first.


Our PHilosophy

Discover Thrifting 101

Remember the timeless proverb about teaching a man to fish rather than simply giving him one? Well, that's the essence of our approach.  

Your Personal
Thrifting Coach

Introducing Thrifting 101—our service that empowers you to master the art of thrifting. 

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By streamlining a jewelry collection with a handful of high-quality interchangeable pieces, we have you covered in your quest to create customized looks for both the ordinary AND extraordinary moments. 

Your Modular
Jewelry Box

A modular jewelry collection by Knots and Pipes. Inspired by a slow living ethos, this capsule collection was designed to replace those seasonal, gratuitous fast-fashion jewelry purchases.

Discover our roots

Hi! I'm Heather Sheppard, the founder and lead creative at K and P.

 While living in the vibrant Junction neighbourhood of west Toronto, I felt a deep need for a creative outlet. Back then, finding jewelry that didn't overwhelm with excessive embellishments, produced using cheap, disposable materials proved to be a challenge (think; turquoise statement necklaces with faux crystals).

I grew up with an incredibly crafty, resourceful and skilled mother and grandmother and a lot of the things I owned as a child were hand-made. They nurtured a profound appreciation for handmade craftsmanship, and as a young girl, I was well-versed in fibre, leather, and sewing skills; the process of creation felt familiar and exciting!

That pivotal moment in 2015 in my Junction apartment marked the beginning of my journey as a designer specializing in statement jewelry created primarily from fibre and brass. This passion ignited the foundation for Knots and Pipes. Today, the brand stands as a testament to creativity and resourcefulness, crafting pieces that are equal parts beautiful and sustainable.

Sustainable living and ethical practices hold immense importance to me. I am committed to crafting each piece with its entire lifecycle in mind as well as intentional consideration for every hand involved in the process. By embracing conscious consumption, we can collectively contribute to a more mindful lifestyle, fostering a brighter and more compassionate world.

When not sourcing second-hand finds and designing sustainable jewelry, I stay busy renovating a 111 year old home; where I live in the historical “lower city” Hamilton, ON with my partner Andrew and children, Beatrice and Jude.

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