Tie Dye Collection

All Tie-Dye. All the time.

Tie-Dye is back and we’re not mad about it. The famous middle-school pop and chip party activity has been reimagined in a bold and chic way. Choose between four vibrant colours, all available on silver or gold, (hypoallergenic) earring posts. Clip-ons are also available for those who don't have their ears pierced.

To start, earrings, (made from recycled fibres) are hand-dipped in fabric dye. An ombre, or shaded effect, is the result of a series of hand-knotting techniques used on every.single.earring. Given the handcrafted nature of each pair, ombre colour patterns may vary slightly earring to earring. Avoid getting the tassels wet to ensure colours maintain their vibrancy.